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Spiritual Consultations - The Yorubá believe that each person is a unique expression of their own particular spiritual nature and that the fulfillment of that unique nature is the very reason that each person is born.  Through the cowry shell reading, Ana will receive the messages from the Orixás (the divine forces of nature) to respond to any questions that you might have.   The Orixás assist each one in discovering what their unique nature is and how to open the pathway to the expression and fulfillment of that nature in this lifetime.


Spiritual cleansing - Ialorixá Ana de Xango practices a form of spiritual cleansing that is unique to the tradition of Candomblé.  Conducted by the indomitable force of the Orixás, this cleansing completely clears all negativity from the physical body and spiritual body.  Clearing away all negative energy and all negative, suffering beings, as well as, ancestral energy and karma. This cleansing strengthens the recipients connection to the divine and removes obstacles opening the their pathway to victory, abundance and happiness.


Ialorixá Mãe Morderecí Ana de Xango Ayra was born into the traditions of Umbanda and Candomblé in the countryside of the Northwest of Brazil and today she is a Mother of Saint in both of those traditions.  She has been a clairvoyant, incorporation medium since the age of seven years old.  She is a member of the leadership council of the spiritual center Tenda Espirita Mirim, one of the oldest and most influential centers of Umbanda in Brazil that gave rise to over 60 houses of Umbanda.   She has studied Kardecism for over 40 years and has been a fardada of the Santo Daime for 25 years.  Mãe Ana holds weekly spiritual works and monthly Giras. She gives classes and workshops about spirituality sharing her rich life-long experience in the traditions of Umbanda and Candomblé.  

If you have any further questions call Nick at 415 910 7359