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Gira na Floresta - June 17th 2018 - Joaquim Miller Park

Please wear white clothing, men in long pants, women in long skirts. We ask the women to wear white blouses that fully cover the shoulders and chest and to make sure that the clothing is not transparent. We will not be working with the Sacrament.

The Gira is a work of spiritual charity. There is no charge, however, we accept donations if you would like to contribute to our work. The donations that are collected go to the costs associated with the Gira and for the materials, such as candles, etc.  We will also have an Ogan (a drummer) it is customary to offer a part of the donations for his services.

If you have any questions please contact Ialorixá Ana and Nick at 415 910 7359

Or email us at

This Gira is a celebration in honor of the Orixa Xango- a festival of the Strength of Nature, Force of Life and Divine Justice.  

We will celebrating Ogum and the Pretos Velhos as well.

In addition, we will be celebrating the Orixa Nana Buroque. The Orixa of the Earth.

Please bring Flowers and Fruit
You may also bring Port Wine or hot Black Coffee in a Thermos for the Pretos Velhos

***IMPORTANT*** Bring plenty of water to drink